Former Nigerian VP removes posts condemning murder


Former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar has been criticised for deleting social media posts condemning the murder of a woman in northern Nigeria on allegations of blasphemy.
Deborah Samuel, a Shehu Shagari College of Education student in Sokoto state, was killed on Thursday by an angry mob for allegedly blaspheming Prophet Muhammad.
Mr Abubakar from northern Adamawa state is a frontline opposition aspirant for next year’s general elections and is considered by supporters in southern Nigeria, to hold moderate Islamic views.
In now deleted posts on his Facebook page and Twitter account, he had said: “There can not be a justification for such gruesome murder. Deborah Yakubu was murdered, and all those behind her death must be brought to justice.”
The posts attracted comments from people who said they were no longer going to vote for him in February because of his stance on the woman’s death while others praised him for speaking up on the issue.
He has since come under fire for deleting the initial posts, such as this tweet from a famous Nigerian comedian “that politicians don’t care for the people. They only play to the gallery when seeking for our votes”:


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