Jubaland Chamber Of Commerce Elected In Kismayo


A new Jubaland chamber of commerce has been elected in Kismayo on Wednesday.

The election ceremony for the chairman of the Jubbaland Chamber of Commerce was held in Kismayo and was attended by Jubbaland businessmen.

Among the contestants for the position of the Jubbaland Chamber of Commerce was Hussein Rabi Kahin and Dinle Mohamed.

Hussein Raabi kaahin was elected by 51 votes out of 70 followed Mohamed with 19 votes.

The business community who attended the event congratulated the new Governor and wished him well in his difficult task.

The Jubbaland Chamber of Commerce provides a wide range of services to the community, primarily in the areas of business awareness, dispute resolution, and investment and promotion of small businesses, in collaboration with high-income companies.

The former Jubaland Chamber of commerce was killed in a suicide bombing last month in Kismayo.



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