Nantes – Gourcuff: “My future? If you listen to all the gossip …”


The Nantes coach emptied the question of his future after the defeat of his team on the lawn in Nice (2-1). A small point in four games. Nantes’ start to the season, fifteenth after a setback in Nice, is difficult to say the least. Nothing to worry too much about Christian Gourcuff, even the Breton technician acknowledged “psychological pressure” after the game.

“The point is that if some doubted the solidarity of the group, they had the answer, he started at the last whistle, pleased with the face that his men turned out to be smaller than. The team showed solidity, self-sacrifice. At the organizational level, it was consistent. He only needed a few shares. As for the game, we showed some interesting things in sequences. “

A poor performance that does not seem to worry him about his future: “If you listen to everything gossip … It’s undoubtedly part of the game, but at this point, the team has given everyone answers in their behavior.

“It does not concern me too much, it is necessary to turn to the president. In these situations that I felt quite often, you lose concentration, it is harmful.” A concentration that the Canary Islands will need during the two weeks of international break, those who will receive Brest the next day.



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