Somalia’s Official Date For The Next General Elections Announced


The Somali parliamentary elections will kick-off early December the countries leader said.

In a joint communique issued by the federal government and the leaders of the regional states, the upper house elections will start from 1st to 10th December, followed by the lower house which will start from 10th until 27th December this year.

According to the joint communique, the presidential election will kick-off from 1st January to February next year.

The regional state leaders and president Farmajo also agreed to appoint a 21 member independent disputes resolution commission that will to complaints from candidates.

12 of the members will come from regions and 9 from the federal government.

The joint communique further stated that each candidate seeking the seat of the upper house will pay $20,000 for registration while the lower house candidates will pay $10,000 to the election board.



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