Somali immigrant who conquered the high seas for seven months in 2008 elected Councillor in Italy





He braved the desert and the high seas at the height of turmoil in Mogadishu in 2008. For seven months, Abdullahi Ahmed Moalim kept the dream alive against the odds of the dangerous journeys taken by many Somalis but survived by a few.


This week, Moalim was elected a Councillor in Turino City in Italy, becoming the first Somali immigrant to occupy the position in about 25 years. He garnered 1112 votes in City Council elections conducted on October 17.

Upon arrival in Italy in 2008, Moalim integrated into his new home, and eight years later, in 2016, he was granted citizenship.

“I declared my candidature in July after the Democratic Party convinced me to run for the seat in October elections. We launched a two months campaign which was fruitful and helped us secure the seat,” Moalim said in a media interview.

Asked about his priorities, Moalim said he aspired to fight Islamophobia and intended to seek the Council’s approval for a day every month to create awareness on countering Islamophobia.
Moalim now joins the ranks of Mohamed Aden Sheikh, who was elected to Turino City Council in 1997.

He also enters the club of a growing number of Somalis elected into higher office in their adopted countries such as Canada and the US.



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