Yemen demands release of Somali fishermen detained in Mudug


Yemen’s UN-recognized Ministry of Fisheries says it is “deeply concerned” by the sentencing of 31 Yemeni fishermen last week for fishing off the coast of Somalia.

The Yemeni Ministry of Fisheries has requested the Puntland authorities to release the prisoners, who were sentenced to $ 700 each, and to confiscate their boats and fish.

Despite the Yemeni government’s message to the Puntland administration, the prisoners were sentenced by the Galmudug Regional Court in Galmudug, and the fishermen were arrested between Hobyo and Harardhere.

The court sentenced 31 fishermen, while eight other minors were released.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Ministry of Fisheries has appealed to Somali authorities to release the fishermen and return them to their boats.


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