Mandera Governor appeals for help as drought worsens



  • Governor Roba says looming disaster will only be avoided if all development partners come to the county’s rescue.
  • Atleast 200,000 people are in dire need of relief food supply across the county.

The drought situation in Mandera County is worsening, Governor Ali Roba has said.

The governor warned that unless the national government and well-wishers steps in to save the situation, his administration will not be able to manage the crisis.

“I take this early opportunity to appeal for help and support from the national government and request development partners and well-wishers to come to our aid and avert this looming humanitarian disaster caused by climate change,” Governor Roba said.

According to the county boss, Mandera county is facing a serious food shortage. He said the looming disaster will only be avoided if all development partners come to the county’s rescue early enough.

Atleast 200,000 people are in dire need of relief food supply across the county meaning the situation has affected 30 percent of total population according to National Drought Management Authority (NDMA).

“We are in a crisis after the short rains of October-December season were below average in Mandera,” said Mr Hussein Mohamed, County Director, NDMA.

Failed rains

The governor said his administration is unable to cope with the high demand for water by residents of the hardest hit areas.

“The situation is dire and the county government cannot cope with the demand for water, livestock feed and food for vulnerable families and communities” he said.

“We need urgent help with food rations, livestock feed and nutrients and water trucking to over stretched areas within the county,” he added.

He also blamed the widespread drought across the county on the failed rains coupled with locusts’ invasion last year.

It has been reported that pastoralists in the county are already losing their animals and several households cannot cope with inflated prices of food.

“The food prices have skyrocketed due to recent increase in fuel prices and lockdown of the five counties including Nairobi where most supplies come from,” he said.

Drought emergencies

Mr Roba said despite the limited resources, his administration has put in place several mitigation measures, including water trucking 312 settlements.

The county has rolled out a short-term plan for drought emergencies, including provision of water through water trucking, rapid response maintenance and the repair and rehabilitation of boreholes.

Mr Roba said his administration will continue drilling and equipping boreholes as well as the construction and rehabilitation of major pans as a long-term plan.

Meanwhile, Mandera County Government has hired an additional 31 water bowsers to ensure uninterrupted water supply in hardest hit areas.

In the last five months, a total of 75 boreholes have been sunk in Mandera County but only 51 produce water while 10 are yet to be equipped.

Atleast 43,700 households have received relief food from the county government in the past two months.



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