GCC summit in AlUla: GCC leaders vow joint action against challenges




Dubai: The leaders of the GCC countries on Tuesday signed the final communique of the 41st GCC Summit which calls for unity and joint action to combat threats against GCC’s security.

In a press conference, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal Bin Farhan said the agreement reached between the GCC leaders calls for joint cooperation to combat any threats to Gulf security and not to compromise the GCC’s sovereignty.

The “AlUla Declaration” reaffirms the need to enhance the role of the Gulf Cooperation Council by coordinating political stances between its countries.


The declaration highlights the importance of strengthening military integration between the GCC states to encounter challenges facing the region.

The declaration calls for protecting the national unity of signatory countries and combat any threats to the Gulf security ,” Bin Farhan said.

He said the agreement has turned a new chapter in the GCC march and put an end to all differences with Qatar. “Today’s agreement put an end to differences with Qatar. The AlUla Declaration is an achievement that will reflect on the region’s stability,” the Foreign Minister said.

“The political will of the GCC leaders is the major guarantee to implement the AlUla agreement,” Bin Farhan said.

He emphasised that the GCC countries will work as a unified entity to deal with challenges facing the region, particularly the Iranian threat.

“All American administrations realise the Iranian threat, including the Jo Biden administration, and the international community realises the need to confront Iran’s danger,” the minister said.



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