Turkish families mourn for their loved ones lost in Somalia terror attack




Turkish families in the northern province of Çorum and the capital Ankara are mourning for their loved ones who lost their lives in Saturday’s deadly terror attack in Somalia.

A suicide bomber carried out the attack that killed five people, including two Turkish nationals Selami Aydoğdu and Erdinç Genç, the employees of a Turkish company in the Somalian capital Mogadishu, and injured several others.

Genç, 44, a father of three, was rushed to the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Hospital in Mogadishu for treatment but succumbed to his wounds.

His wife, Melek Genç, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the area where her husband was working was guarded by soldiers.

“When I could not reach my husband (via phone), we turned on the TV, and on the news, we learned that there was a terrorist attack in the place where my husband was working. Later, we learned from our other acquaintances that my husband was injured and rushed to the hospital. Then the bitter news came,” she said.



Selami Aydoğdu, 22, got married just six months before the incident.

Ömer Aydoğdu, the father of Selami Aydoğdu, was also injured in the attack.

Arzu Han, Selami Aydoğdu’s mother-in-law, told AA that he was a very kindhearted person, and they were grieving his loss.

Stressing that her daughter and Selami Aydoğdu had been in love since childhood, she said her daughter is currently taking anti-anxiety medication to cope with the loss.



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