Ruto: Handshake, BBI politics have dimmed Jubilee’s Big 4 agenda



Deputy president William Ruto has sensationally claimed that the handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga and the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) are to blame for the failure by the Jubilee administration to accomplish its Big Four agenda.

Addressing mourners on Saturday at Nakhwana Primary School in Bungoma County during the funeral service for Maurice Mabongah, the father of Bumula MP Mwambu Mabongah, Dr Ruto said that Jubilee had good plans to move Kenya forward but “retrogressive politics of malice, self-interests, hatred and witch hunt by the opposition” have derailed the Jubilee dream of making the country better.

In his second trip in less than two weeks to Bungoma, DP Ruto said that the Jubilee administration did so much development during its first term, only to face hurdles from the opposition side after the 2017 elections.

The DP noted that the greatest challenge Kenyans are facing are poverty and unemployment, which must be addressed urgently and keenly.


Dr Ruto, who preached his hustler gospel, took a swipe at those criticising his 2022 State House bid, saying that it is unstoppable.

“During our first term in office we did lots of development. We made roads, made railways lines, we connected people to electricity and water, we built technical training institutes until this second term that has been hijacked by politics of the handshake and BBI — which I don’t say is bad — but only geared at helping a few individuals and not Kenyans at large,” he said.

He said that Kenya’s development should not be derailed by people advocating for the interests of a few individuals “who are greedy for positions” and leave out the “hustlers” who have suffered for a very long time.

“We must also begin addressing issues affecting the lowest person like bodaboda riders, mama mbogas, touts and many others who hold the key to bettering this country’s economy,” the DP said.

Kenyans getting wiser

Dr Ruto said that the country is headed for a new political dispensation as Kenyans are getting wiser each passing day.

“We will not allow trickle down economy but we shall ensure we have a bottom-up approach to the economy that will favour Wanjiku who has suffered for a long time and ensure even the son of a farmer’s voice is heard,” he said.

He maintained that he will not back down in order support anyone for the presidency. He told western Kenya leaders who have been telling him to support a Luhya for president to forget it.

“Gideon Moi is a son of a president, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi is the son of a minister and even Wetang’ula here, I am told, is the son of a chief while my father was just a mere peasant and not even a village elder yet you are asking me to support them. Is that logical?” he posed.

He said children should be taught that one can make it in leadership despite coming from a poor background.

Western region’s economy

DP Ruto said that the collapse of the agriculture sector, which many in western Kenya depended on, is the main contributor to the region’s dwindling economy.

“We have Nzoia Sugar Factory here in Bungoma and Mumias in Kakamega that have continued to be in the ICU,” he said.

“We the jubilee administration began very well by putting in place good infrastructure [by] building roads, installing electricity in households, building technical training institutes and then we had decided that the second phase of our leadership that began in 2017 would have four main guidelines of agriculture, agro-processing, manufacturing and value addition that would have addressed even the cane sector’s woes,” he said.

“Now when we began our second term in 2018, Oparanya and his party leader (Raila Odinga), together with the Nasa team, came to us and told us that they have something more important for Kenyans called handshake and BBI which stalled and [blurred] our focus,” he said.

Dr Ruto said that for the past three years, the country has been engaged in the BBI politics which has made all Jubilee’s plans to come to a halt.



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