Tottenham – Dier: “The defenders are terrified” of the hands in the box


The Englishman fell victim to new rules regarding hands in the box last week against Newcastle.

Eric Dier says that defenders are “terrified” in their own penalty areas after the recent controversy over the hands in the box in the Premier League.

The Tottenham defender was an attentive victim of the new rules when he conceded a penalty in stoppage time against Newcastle when the ball hit his hand as he jumped for a duel to the head. with Andy Carroll. Callum Wilson made the penalty in the 97th minute to secure a 1-1 draw.

Midweek gave fans another controversial decision in the Europa League, although the whistle against Matt Doherty did not stop Spurs from winning 7-2 over Maccabi Haifa.

“You are terrified in and around the box with the new rule,” Dier said. “You do not feel free to act, to try to play normally. The fact that everyone seems to have the same opinion, which is rare in football, clearly shows that things are not going well. If the opposition leader says … that he does not think it is a punishment, which is also a rarity, it is very clear. “

Newcastle boss Steve Bruce called the new rules“absurd”, although his team took advantage in north London and said that football has “dropped the thread”.

Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have all given their opinions in recent days, with the topic dominating discussions around the Premier League. “I do not like subjectivity in football because subjectivity normally goes one way”, commented especially Mourinho.

Eric Dier then explained his outrage over the situation: “If you’re too close, if you’re close and the bullet hits your arm, it’s not a hand. If it does not hit a certain part of your arm. And if your arm is in a certain position, it’s a hand.

“For me, it’s very clear. Is it intentional? Is an arm in a position it should not be? These are the two questions you need to ask yourself.”

Tottenham hope to be able to avoid settling again on Sunday when they go against Mourinho’s former team Manchester United.



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