In Pictures: Caretaker PM Hands Over Power To New Prime Minister


Somalia’s caretaker prime minister has on Sunday officially handed over the position to the newly approved premier Mohamed Hussein Roble.

The acting premier Mahdi Guleid Mohamed handed the position in a ceremony attended by ministers and lawmakers and other officials from the federal government at the presidential palace in Mogadishu.

Mohamed Hussein Roble took over the office of Prime Minister from Mahdi Guled Mohamed Khadar, who had been in office for two months after the previous PM was ousted by the parliament in a no-confidence vote.

Acting Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled briefed the work the cabinet has done and wished the new Prime Minister success in his difficult task of serving the people and nation of Somalia.

“Many progress has been made in the areas of the interior, foreign affairs, security, justice, education, health, economics, reconciliation, constitutional review, and improvement of the civil service registration system and the armed forces,” Mahdi said

The handing over comes a day after the parliament approved the election agreement between president farmaajo and the leaders of the regional states.

The former prime minister Hassan Ali Kheire is also said to have sent a letter to Roble informing him that he was ready to hand overpower.



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