Shabaab suspect nabbed attempting to fire mortar shells in Mogadishu


Security forces in Mogadishu have arrested a suspected Al-Shabaab operative while trying to launch mortar shells.

According to security officials in Deynille district, the man identified as Mohamed Hassan Ali was trying to fire the mortar shells towards the city when he was nabbed.

The suspected was paraded in public with the mortar shell launcher in Deynile district which is located in the outskirts of the city.

Police said the suspect who is well known by locals was a member of the militant group operating in the area.

The militants who are fighting the Somali Government have on several occasions launched mortar shells some hitting the presidential villa and UN compound.

Analysts say the militants have resorted to lone-wolf operations deploying small groups and individual to conduct operations in the midst of pressure from allied forces and air strikes especially in the regions.


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